Affordable Cylinder Repair and Exchange
Located in Belen,  New Mexico
Alexander Municipal Airport - E80

Break-In Procedure for New Aircraft Cylinders:*

Mineral oil is the ONLY oil to be used for break-in; period !

Use ONLY Aviation fuel for break-in !

Check oil level after cylinders are changed and write down quantity.

Start engine; Maintain 1200 to RPM for 3 minutes max. If oil pressure does not enter into the safe range, stop engine.

Do not turn the prop by hand !!! This will create unnecessary low-speed wear on the cylinder walls, and possibly damage the cylinders permanently.

During pre-flight, ensure that you can depart without unnecessary delay; the cylinders need to be broken-in as soon as possible at a high RPM setting.

Apply normal takeoff power. Climb out at best-rate of climb, or cruise climb. The intent here is to not overheat, nor over-cool the cylinders.

Fly in accordance with your Pilot's Operating Handbook, and maintain that setting for one hour.

Return to the airport after the one hour period, measure oil level, and fill as necessary.

Fly a another flight with 75% power and return to airport

Measure oil consumption.

Report excessive oil consumption to your mechanic.

*(This is only a recommendation and a guide for break-in of new or rebuilt aircraft cylinders.)

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