Affordable Cylinder Repair and Exchange
Located in Belen,  New Mexico
Alexander Municipal Airport - E80

Shiloh Aviation Center specializes in minor cylinder repair. We currently stock over 300 cylinder cores as well as many ready-to-go  units. Common knowledge around cylinders states that 80% of them contain at least  one or more cracks after about 800 hours of use. While this is true, many cylinders do not. The cylinder cores that we stock for exchange are closely inspected for cracks, and if they are cracked, we will either have them welded at a given expense, or simply discard the cracked unit, depending where the crack exists. This ensures that you will be receiving a completely crack-free, airworthy cylinder at the lowest possible cost.

Our objective is to provide the mid-time engine aircraft owner with an affordable solution to the $1200.00 new cylinder. If you are anywhere near 50% TBO, new cylinders are not a wise investment. For example, let's say you have an older model Beech 35, and you're at 700 hours on the engine (1500 TBO). Your experiencing excessive oil consumption and poor compression on 3 out of 6 cylinders on your 0-470 or E-225. Your best investment at this time would be to repair your cylinders at $250.00 each, and not to buy new ones. The object here is to get your engine to TBO; safely and cost effectively.

Look at the savings:

6 new cylinders                   @ $1200.00 each =$7200.00
6 cylinders exchanged          @ $350.00 each  - $2100.00
Savings                                                     = $5100.00
With new Piston and Rings    @ $200.00 each   = $3900.00 is your savings !

6 new cylinders                  @ $1200.00 each = $7200.00
If we repair your cylinders    @ $250.00 each   - $1500.00
Savings                                                     = $5700.00
With new Piston and Rings   @ $200.00 each   = $4500.00 is your savings !

The leaking of gases and oils is most likely the sign of worn rings, valve guides and/or valves. If your cylinders have barrels measuring within serviceable limits and do not require welding of any major cracks, it is most likely more economical to repair them. Buying new cylinders in this scenario is a waste of money.

Please remember that parts such as valves, rings and pistons are not included in the pricing; even though this approach is greatly more economical than the other options.

Please call us for an in-depth discussion about your cylinder needs. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you. We feel strongly that owners should understand every aspect of their aircraft and that they make educated decisions.

Prices subject to change without notice. New rings and piston prices are fair estimates and will vary according to the particular cylinder.

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